Artistic Softscapes

What are softscapes? To explain, think of softscapes as living growing compo-nents of your landscape. As a result, these usually include flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, clovers, etc. Overall, changing and evolving as they grow. In addition to adapting to weather (or climate) change.

Hence, softscapes are soft to the touch. Well, literally! From leaves to pedals they are the softer elements of landscaping. Additionally, some softscapes can come to a challenge to some. Since maintenance and upkeep might be mandatory to some breeds of plants.

In conclusion, Willingham Landscape Design provide upkeep services in addi-tion to softscape maintenance. Overall, when searching for the best softscape service in South Florida, be sure to contact the best. We are proud to say we are hands down top recommended landscape company in Palm Beach County.

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