West Palm Beach Tree Removal

South Florida gardening and landscape work covers everything from building chic waterfalls for mansions in Miami to standard West Palm Beach tree removal. Homeowners choose to tackle some of these projects on their own, but some of them are jobs for the experts.

What Is Tree Removal?

A fallen tree can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If a tree looks like it might become hazardous, it’s best to have it removed ahead of time. However, if the homeowner doesn’t want the entire tree removed, there are other options. Landscaping companies may offer additional services, such as:

  • Tree Removal Service
  • Stump Removal
  • Branch Trimming
  • Storm damage Cleanup
  • Mulch
  • Brush & Land Clearing

Florida Tree Removal

Florida gardening and landscape techniques are quite different than those used in other states. In fact South Florida gardening is much different than gardening in Central Florida, North Florida, or the Panhandle.

Additionally, some cities or regions have special regulations surrounding tree removal service. Before hiring a gardening professional, homeowners should make sure that candidates are familiar with landscape architect practices in the area.

Hence, someone looking for help with his or her West Palm Beach landscape would need to hire a West Palm Beach tree service. For example, Willingham Landscape Designs provides South Florida gardening and landscape architect services to:

But what is it that makes this area so unique as to need its own South Florida gardening experts?

Florida’s soil varies greatly by region:

Large native tree species, including:

These differing soils may certain plants flourish in the area while others are nearly impossible to grow. In addition, Native Floridian plant species are often strong and deeply rooted to withstand storms and hurricanes.

When these large plants and trees become uprooted, they can be dangerous. It may take special equipment to handle the size and weight of these natural behemoths. As such, it is quite common for homeowners to attempt DIY South Florida gardening projects, only to find that they got in way too deep.

With so many different types of soils and native plant species in the state, Florida tree removal, landscaping, and planting projects are best done by a local gardening professional.

Tree Removal Safety

Safety is important when it comes to tree-trimming and tree removal service. Overgrown branches can cause damage to homes and cars. Branches that are too long may scrape or scratch nearby objects, while heavy ones could snap and fall, crushing whatever was below them.

Tree removal safety Dos and Don’ts


Be aware of current conditions and surroundings. Checking the local weather conditions and look for any animal nests beforehand. Always check for cracks in branches or limbs before climbing. Always wear Personal Protective Equipment. Eye protection, such as goggles, protect your sight and keep foreign objects out of your eyes.

Also, wear tight-fitting clothing. Baggy clothes can get caught on limbs or other hazards. Assume all power lines are live. Call the utility company if lines are down or are touching tree limbs.


Be afraid to call a professional. When the job is too big or dangerous to handle alone, responsible homeowners call in the experts. Attempt to trim or remove any portion of a tree that is touching a power line.

In fact, the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all work done within a certain range of a power line be done by professional tree-trimmers. Assume that any height is safe. A fall from any distance can cause serious injuries.

Certified Landscape Professional Definition

A landscaping or gardening professional may perform different duties depending on their service areas. But what makes them fit the Certified Landscape Professional definition is their extensive knowledge and training. For example, a Palm Beach landscape service will do different types of work than the same type of service in Montana. A Boca Raton landscape will feature more tropical plants than a New England landscape.

When the project is on a grander scale, such as a public park or other outdoor space, a landscape architect can create the perfect design.

However, all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, require landscape architects to be properly licensed.

That’s because this type of gardening professional is responsible for major design planning. Including storm water drainage and management as well as ensuring that any on-site construction complies with local building codes. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s best to leave tree removal service and heavy landscape work to the experts. Making sure that the job is done right the first time also saves time and money in the process. Trying a DIY approach can cost even more in the long run if the pros have to come in to fix things.

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