Custom Maintenance

Willingham Landscape Designs creates a specific maintenance program for each individual landscaping project.

As each garden is different, in species used, plant placements and soil integrity, as well as our clients preferences, so are the maintenance requirements for it. An integral component in all our programs is the fertilization process.

As our soils are predominantly sandy, it is vital to the health and integrity of each landscape. High quality materials are used and records are meticulously kept to guarantee consistency and accuracy.

Photos are also used in documenting the landscape’s maturation progress, blooming cycles and the results from the custom design fertilization program.

Custom Fertilization

What is custom fertilization?

Plants, trees, grass, and garden vegetation can survive with just basic water and light, however, with proper nutrition your plants can thrive. Balanced plant nutrition, rich soil, and airflow can enhance your garden’s vibrance and health.

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