Tree Planting : Ultimate Landscape Guide

Do you have a vision of how your property could look with the right landscaping?

Tree planting is just as important to your landscape design as for the home itself. It enhances the beauty of your home or business you can’t go wrong! There’re other benefits a tree planting service can bring to your home / business:

There’a such a wide variety of trees to consider when creating a landscaping design. We also have the advantage in South Florida landscaping to include both flowering and fruit-bearing trees and, although it doesn’t get too cold, certain types of trees still produce beautiful fall foliage to enjoy. Perhaps you are considering the perfect spot for a hammock, an attractive bench arrangement, or even a tree house for the children.

It’s vital that you choose the right type of tree for each creative idea you have in mind.

Tree planting is beneficial to the environment: If strategically planted, they can reduce the cost of cooling our homes in the summer and even help hold in the heat in the winter months.

Fun Fact: Tree planting can block dangerous UV-B rays, heavy wind, dangerous air particulates, and even noise and light pollution. Trees can also provide privacy in a more natural way than fences.

Why Call a Professional versus Do-It-Yourself?

There’s a great deal to consider when planning a custom landscaping design, especially as it relates to tree planting. Certain types of trees grow quicker than others, some are harder to grow and maintain, while others may not be aesthetically pleasing in your overall design. There are other potential hazards, such as trees shedding heavily in gutters and certain types of leaves that can stain decks and walkways.

Let’s also not forget that if trees are not planted or maintained correctly, they can fall or heavy branches can break off, causing potential damage to your home, car, or people nearby.

What Do You Do If A Tree Needs To Be Moved?

What if you decide to add on to your house, erect a shed, or put in a deck and you realize that an existing tree is in the way?

Perhaps, you want to invest in trees to increase the beauty and value of your property?

Another question is just how large will that tree be when it reaches maturity?

Transporting trees is not an easy task and requires a great deal of knowledge. Otherwise, your investment may be lost to tree mortality due to improper handling.

In addition, a new planting site must be suitable in terms of space and growing conditions, such as the type of soil, drainage, light, exposure, as well as the impact it may have on other plants and structures on the property.

Heavy equipment and a great deal of knowledge and experience are required. Feeder roots are easily damaged during transport and during the transplanting process. If the tree goes into shock, your investment could be lost.

The Importance of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is also extremely important in the upkeep and health of your trees. First and foremost, however, it prevents dead branches from falling and potentially injuring the people around you, or causing structural damage to your home or nearby power lines.

It is also vital to ensure a tree’s structural integrity, to promote tree growth, in general, as well as ensuring that the form of the tree is aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the size of the tree, tree trimming can also pose a danger to the novice. It is best to call the professionals!

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